Trying to reach an achievement, but need extra assistance getting there?

Looking to work with someone 1:1 that will focus on YOU, your progress, and outcomes as much you?

Ambitious and dedicated to focus on YOUR personal mission 110%?

 Ready to see life changes that will have a direct impact on YOU, your family, your significant other, and/or other relationships?


Today is your lucky day. You have found the right person.

Once you sign up to work up with me, you are signing up to: take action, be committed to the process, and see positive changes with someone who cares to see you reach your maximum potential! After all, this is your investment. 

Coaching is provided via phone or Skype. If you live in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, or Northern Virginia) area or if I happen to be traveling and in your area, I am down to meet at a coffee shop, Barnes and Noble, etc.


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  •  Women 18+
  •  Ready to ENJOY life in recovery
  •  Ready for the commitment and effort required

What I Offer:


  • Early in recovery from substance use?
  • Have a little bit of clean time, but struggling a little?
  • Trying to figure out this new life you have?
  • Find it challenging to find happiness throughout this journey?
  • Need someone to hold you accountable for your actions?
  • Looking for the tools to help you maintain your recovery and live a substance-free AND joyful life?

How will Kiara help me?

    Kiara will:

  • Work with you 1:1 to help you reach your ideal life in recovery 
  • Provide you with the tools to overcome the challenges faced during recovery so that you are able to live with your addiction, remain sober, be happy, and enjoy your new life
  • Help you find resources in your area 
  • Hold you accountable for your actions

However, as your coach I do not fill the role of your therapist or doctor. 


8 – 45 minute weekly sessions for two months: $3,000

Each week we will work together 1:1 so that you can learn new tools to enjoy your life in recovery. 


Ready to create and live your ideal life?

Ready to get a hold of your life and outshine your setbacks?

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I look forward to working with you while seeing you create and live your ideal life while in recovery.