+ Vibes

How are you feeling today?

How have you felt this past week?

This past month? This past year?

The people that we surround ourselves with and the situations that we entertain will have quite an impact on how we feel about ourselves and our day-to-day lives. 

+ people &  + energy brings positive thoughts and vibes

-people & -energy brings negative thoughts and vibes

Healthy relationships and lifestyles are what we need to ensure that we are living our most functional lives! Why settle for complacency? There is so much more to life and we all have a gift (whether we have found it yet or not!). 

What type of people are you surrounding yourself with?

Stagnant? Complacent? Mediocre? Complainers? Angry? Pessimistic? Easily irritated/frustrated? Dependent? Lazy? Unfriendly? Rude? Always focusing on the negative? Unreliable?


Go-getters? Optimistic? Creative? Happy? Funny? Hard-working? Goal-oriented? Focused? Ambitious? Adventurous? Open to new ideas? Independent? Motivated? Confident? Encouraging? Reliable?

We all have those friends from childhood, but not everyone is going in the same direction we are. There comes a time when you have to separate yourselves from certain people and surround yourself with other certain people to bring out the best in you! There will be haters, but you have to do what is best for you. Through the process, remain humble. 

Have a nice day!