How are you today? No-One Would Ever Know


How are you today?

When people ask you that question, do you automatically say, "I'm great," or, "I'm fine."

Ha! I made you think for a second. I have definitely done it many times!

In our day-to-day lives, we cross the paths of many people who will ask how we are doing and it is automatic for us to provide one of those responses.  Sometimes we don't even think about the question that was asked, but we are used to giving a certain response. We live in such an auto-pilot society. Sometimes we need to just take a minute to breathe. 

When you think about it, you might ask yourself, Does this person actually care about how I'm doing? What would they do if I told them I was struggling? Would they walk away or would they sit and talk with me? 

Does anyone live a perfect life? NO! In reality, we all have STUFF going on. Work and family typically consumes much of our time, but we want to put on our happy face or our game face to remain strong. But let's be real, we are not great, fine, or good every day, all day. We just don't want to seem inferior or "emotional" to others.  Now there are definitely people who wear their emotions on their sleeve. I give you props.

Now, I am not saying to go out and air your dirty laundry or all of your issues out to your co-workers or strangers, but it is something to think about! It sucks to have all of your thoughts and feelings bottled up. Sometimes we feel embarrassed about what we are going through,  but as many people say, a closed mouth doesn't get fed. No-one would ever know how we are doing unless we are honest and tell them. Find a few people that you can confide in. It will help you tremendously!

Have a nice day!