Individual + Family Psychotherapy

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Why Therapy? Often times we go through challenging situations that cause us to be stuck, some more than others. 

Are you tired of feeling you have to keep all of your thoughts and feelings bottled up? Do you feel like no-one understands you? Do you feel ashamed to tell people what's really going on? Do you put on a happy face where people think your life is perfect, but in reality they just don't know and if you told them, they wouldn't believe you? Do you want to live a happy life? Do you want to live a joyful life in recovery, but just can't stop using? Are you struggling with the thought that you know you need to leave substances alone, but are struggling to do so? Are you struggling with some of the transitions in your life and can't seem to find stability?

Well, HERE I AM!

I am here because I understand your struggles and I want to help you get through and overcome those struggles so you can live a healthier and more functional life. I have been successful in helping individuals improve their family functioning and behavioral/emotional issues in addition to helping adults remain abstinent from substances while enjoying their life in recovery.

Once you sign up to work up with me, you have already taken some of the biggest steps.
You have taken personal responsibility for your life AND you are practicing self-care, which, by the way is VERY important. You have also committed to take action, be engaged in the process, and see positive changes with someone who cares to see you reach your maximum potential. 

Areas of specialty include:

Children and adolescents experiencing

o    Emotional and behavioral issues

Adults experiencing

o Emotional and behavioral issues

o Life transitions

o Dual diagnosis (substance use disorder & another psychiatric disorder)


Initial Intake Session: $200

Family therapy after intake session: $175 per session

Individual therapy after intake session: $150 per session


Currently accepting Carefirst insurance plans!

*Check with your insurance provider to see what your client insurance responsibility is.


My office is located at:

516 N. Rolling Rd. Suite 305
Catonsville, MD 21228

*DISCLAIMER: If you are a client of mine for therapy services & you are interested in the business opportunity, we cannot work together on the business opportunity and vice versa due to dual relationships code of ethics!